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In about an hour a week, Nomad Networking helps you make meaningful connections with fellow professionals, find new opportunities and grow your business, wherever life takes you.

Free to early adopters, for life.

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Group I, Nomad Networking’s pilot group, is launching in 2019.

Free to early adopters, for life. Apply today to secure your position.

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How It Works

  • Nomad Networking groups are comprised of professionals from different fields, each the sole representative of their profession, all devoted to supporting one another’s careers.

  • Groups meet weekly via video teleconference. Meetings take 45 minutes or less, and each member checks in with a quick pitch as well as updates on leads, referrals and business generated.

  • At each meeting one member does a spotlight session about their business, and fellow members learn how to promote them online that week, generating a boost of social media reach and warm leads.

  • Members also hold two or more monthly direct connects with fellow members to go deeper into each other’s work and how they can collaborate, learn from one another and share business.


Nomad Networking is a new way to meaningfully connect with fellow professionals online. Working life has gone digital: shouldn’t our networking too? Here are the benefits to joining a Nomad Networking group.


Through weekly online meetings and regular one on one direct connects, Nomad Networkers make meaningful, lasting connections with other professionals.


Nomad Networkers actively look for leads and referrals to share with other members of their group. More and better referrals means increased revenue.


Our groups meet weekly by video chat and stay connected through dedicated message boards. We also share useful tools and recommendations to make online networking easier and more efficient.


Nomad Networking groups openly track referrals given, direct connections made and revenue generated, and we celebrate our successes together.


Nomad Networkers are encouraged to invite guests to participate in weekly meetings, both to expand the group’s network and (if appropriate) to invite a new profession into the group.


Nomad Networkers hone important skills, including public speaking, presentations and of course networking. Because each group is comprised from professionals in a variety of fields, you’ll also be exposed to new ideas and ways of working.